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Apostolos Apostolou

снимка на Apostolos Apostolou

Personal information


Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
1, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.
1000 Sofia


Curriculum vitae

Born in 1972
Education: Sofia University, Faculty of Biology, 1996, Master of Science in Ichthyology and Aquaculture
Qualification: Sofia University, Faculty of Biology, 2002, PhD in Hydrobiology
Previous experience: Institute of Zoology Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 17.11.2003 - 11.02.2005, biologist
Institute of Zoology Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 11.02.2005 -16.07.2008, Research Fellow II degree
Institute of Zoology Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 16.07.2008 - 07. 2010 Research Fellow I degree
07.2010 - up to now Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Assistant Professor
1. Greek Geotechnical Chamber – clone Ichthyology
2. Bulgarian Ichthyological Society
3. Local Initiative Fisheries Group Balchik– Shabla – Kavarna
4. Natural Science association “Ivan Buresh”, Bulgaria
5. IAD
Participation in 20 projects, 16 conferences.
Referees: 13
Expert reports: 9
Citations: 23

Research interests

Fish morphology, ecology and systematics, ichthyogeography, population biochemical-genetics, GIS application on ichthyology, underwater in situ research management of aquatic ecosystems, freshwater and marine fishes


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Zarev Velislav, Apostolos Apostolou, Boris Velkov, Milen Vassilev. Review of the distribution of the Family Gobiidae in the Bulgarian Danube tributaries. (submitted in Ecologia Balcanica)

1. Economidis P.S., M. Koutrakis, A. Apostolou, M. Vassilev & L. Pehlivanov, 2009. Atlas of of River Nestos Fish Fauna. Prefectural Authority of Drama – Kavala – Xanthi, Kavala, Greece, pp. 182 (In English and Greek/ Bulgarian versions).

2. M. Vassilev, A. Apostolou ,B. Velkov, D. Dobrev, V. Zarev 2012. ATLAS OF THE BULGARIAN GOBIES (GOBIIDAE). Pensoft publishing, Sofia, 112 pp (Bulgarian/English version). ISBN 978-954-9746-29-7.


Aquatic Ecosystems
Ichthyology and Fish Resources
Research group
Fish Biodiversity and Resources


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