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New books

Two new books with the participation of colleagues from IBER-BAS were printed out:

  • The Eighth Volume of the monograph series "Fungi of Bulgaria" with author Dr Dimitar Stoykov (Department of Plant and Fungal Diversity and Resources) is printed out. The book includes taxonomic work on the fungi of the order Diaporthales (Ascomycota), so-called ‘diaporthalean fungi’ in phytopathological works. The most important aspects of the morphology, biology and ecologic characteristics of the diaporthalean fungi, and the species distribution according to the floristic division of Bulgaria are included in the book. Keys for determination of the families, genera and the species of Diaporthales , and an index of substrates/hosts of the species, recorded in the country are presented.
  • "Ecotoxicology" (Ed. Ghousia Begum, InTech, February, 2012, ISBN 978-953-51-0027-0). The authors of the seventh chapter entitled "Genomic Sensitivity of Small Mammals - A Suitable Test System in the Genetic Monitoring", are two researchers from the IBER-BAS (Department of Ecosystem Research, Environmental Risk Assessment and Conservation Biology), Margarita Topashka-Ancheva and Tsvetelina Gerasimova.

/IBER-BAS, May 2012/