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Division of Functional Ecology and Bioresources of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems

Research Priorities

           The Division of Functional Ecology and Bioresources of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems and the associated Laboratory of Marine Ecology (LME) is carrying out research in functional ecology and the ecosystem approach to management of marine bioresources. The main areas of expertise are: environmental monitoring of coastal zones and wetlands, biogeochemistry of coastal waters and sediment, structure and function of bacterial communities, structure and distribution of the macrophyte communities, anthropogenic impact assessments, fisheries research and stock assessment, food-web modeling, evaluation of Marine Protected Areas, integrated statistical ecosystem analysis.

Recent research projects:


  • 2023-2027 H-2020 ACTNOW - Advancing understanding of cumulative impacts on European marine biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services for human wellbeing
  • 2021-2025 H-2020 BRIDGE-BS -  Advancing knowledge, delivering research, empowering citizens for sustainable and climate-neutral Black Sea
  • 2022-2023: LTER-BG - Разпределена научна инфраструктура "Българска мрежа за дългосрочни екосистемни изследвания
  • 2021-2025: H-2020 ECOSCOPE- Ecocentric management for sustainable fisheries and healthy marine ecosystems
  • 2015-2023: Н-2020- eLTER- Европейска инфраструктура за дългосрочни екосистемни и социоекологични изследвания (European Long- Term Ecosystem and socio-ecological Research Infrastructure).

  • 2017-2020 BalkanMed RECONNECT: Regional cooperation for the transnational ecosystem sustainable development

  • 2016-2017: ЕЕA - Norway grant BG03- Methodology for assessment and mapping of MARINE ecosystems condition and their services in Bulgaria.

  • 2016-2017: ЕЕA- Norway grant BG03.PDP2- Methodological assistance for ecosystems assessment and biophysical valuation.

FP7-PERSEUS-2012-2015- Policy-orientated marine Environmental Research for the Southern European Seas;

FP7-COCONET- 2012-2015- Towards COast to COast NETworks of marine protected areas (from the shore to the high and deep sea), coupled with sea-based wind energy potential; FP7-EUROCEANS-Regime shifts in the Black Sea;

FP7-KNOWSEAS- Knowledge-based Sustainable Management for Europe’s Seas;

FP7-BS-SCENE- 2009-2013- Up-grade Black Sea Scientific Network;

FP7-WETLANET- 2009-2012- Enhancing research potential by strengthening a local network of laboratories for studying wetland ecosystems functioning, restoration and management.

National Science Fund of Bulgaria- 2009-2011- Еcological status of marine ecosystems along the Bulgarian Black sea coast and  relation to the structure and state of communities of macroalgae and seagrasses (g. Cystoseirа  and g.Zostera).