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Anna Ganeva

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Personal information


Assoc. Prof. Anna Ganeva, PhD

Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
1113 Sofia, Acad. G. Bonchev Str., bl. 23
phone +3592 9793765,
mobile +359884606742

Curriculum vitae

Date of birth: 25.01.1962

2003 - on, Ass. Prof.
1996 – Ph.D. in Phytoecology (Phytocoenotic and ecological role of
bryophytes from widespread plant communities in the Western Rhodopes)
1986 – MS in Botany, University of Sofia "St. K. Ohridski", Faculty of Biology

Teaching Experience:
1986 – on University of Sofia "St. K. Ohridski", Faculty of Biology, Department of Botany, Course "Plant Anatomy and Morphology" – seminars and lectures

2002-2007 Member of OPTIMA Commission on Bryophytes
2000 – 2004 Secretary of the Editorial Board of “Phytologia Balcanica”
1996 – on Contact person for Bulgaria of the European Committee for
Conservation of Bryophytes
1994-1998 Member of International Association of Bryologists (IAB). Renew membership in 2004.
1994 – 1998 Member of Bulgarian Phytocoenological Society

Training Courses Attended:
2003 Field trip of Nordic Bryological Society in Estonia
2001 Methods in Bryophyte Ecology, a BRYOPLANET course; Lammi Field Station 21-26 April, Finland
2000 Scottish Training Course of the Darwin Initiative Peatland Biodiversity Programme

Research interests

Bryophyte ecology: the role of bryophytes in plant communities - their cover, density, biomass, nutrient content, energy values. Studies on bryophytes as indicators of air pollution. Bulgarian bryoflora – chorology, threatened species, conservation of bryophytes and their habitats. Natura 2000 sites - studies and consevation


Selected publications:

Ganeva, A. 1998. Preliminary data on Bulgarian threatened bryophytes. - Lindbergia, 23: 33-37.

Ganeva, A., Düll, R. 1999. A contribution to the Bulgarian bryoflora. Checklist of Bulgarian bryophytes. – In: R. Düll, A. Ganeva, A. Martincic, Z. Pavletic: Contributions to the bryoflora of former Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. 1 Auflage. IDH-Verlag Bad Münstereifel, 111-199.

Ganeva, A. 1999. Biodiversity of Bryophytes in Central Balkan National Park. – In: M. Sakalian (Managing Editor) Biological Diversity of the Central Balkan National Park, Part I. Plant Biodiversity of the Central Balkan National Park. Species and Coenotic Levels. USAID, 106-124.

Ganeva, A. 1999. Biodiversity of Bryophytes in Rila National Park. – In: M. Sakalian (Managing Editor) Biological Diversity of the Rila National Park, Part I. Plant Biodiversity of the Rila National Park. Species and Coenotic Levels. USAID, 117-136.

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Plant and Fungal Diversity and Resources
Flora and Vegetation
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Flora and florogenesis


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