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Ivan Pandourski

Personal information


Curriculum vitae

Family name: Pandourski
Name: Ivan Stefanov
Title: Dr.
Nationality: Bulgarian
Home telephone number: ++359/2/856 33 39

Professional address:
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
1, Tzar Osvoboditel bd.,
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Office telephone number: ++359/2/988 51 15
Office fax number: ++359/2/988 28 97
E-mail address:

Education and Qualifications:
- Biological Faculty, University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridsky", 1980-1986: Master of Sciences, Biologist, specialisation Hydrobiology and water protection;

- Institute of Zoology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1987-1991, Ph.D. Sudent “Hydrobiology”.

Languages: French, English, Russian

Professional Experiences:

- Postgraduate student in the Institute of Zoology, Sofia: 1987-1991;

- Biologist in the same Institute: 1991-1992;

- Associate Researcher in the same Institute on the problems of stygobiology and zooplankton: 1992-2002;

- Associate Professor, PhD, Institute of Zoology, Sofia: 2002 - 2010.

- Associate Professor, PhD, Head of the Laboratory of Bioacoustics, Institute of Biodivesity and Ecosystem Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia: 2010-at present.

- Researches on the underground fauna and bats of Bulgaria and France in the Laboratoire Souterrain, Moulis, CNRS France: 1992 and 1993 for six months.

- Biologist and coordinator for the fieldwork in the 6th and 7th Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition, Livingston Isl. (1997/98 and 1998/99)

- Field works on study of bats of Yugoslavia and Albania: 1994-1996

- Project leader of research on the littoral fauna of Iceland, Project granted by European Community – FP5 2004.

- Project leader of research on the Crustacean fauna of Subarctic Sweden, Project granted by European Community – FP6, 2006.

Present Occupation:
- Associate Professor in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Main activities:
- Authorized expert of the Ministry of Environment and Waters in the field “Animal world”;

- Conservation of bat fauna in Bulgaria;

- Responding expert (bats) for more than 50 NATURA 2000 protected zones;

- Ecology of underground ecosystems, stygobiological, taxonomical, ecological and zoogeographical researches and paleozoogeography;

- Environmental impact assessments and appropriate assessments of infrastructure plans and projects.

- Identification of bats by ultrasound analyses using specialized software "BatSound 3.1 for Windows"

Research interests

- bat sound analysis;

- taxonomy of Copepods;

- zoogeography.


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Pandourski, I. (2002). Recherches hydrobiologiques des zones humides de la côte bulgare de la mer Noire. I. Le lac de Vaja. – Rivista di Idrobiologia, Italia.

Apostolov, A and I. Pandourski. 2000. Heterolaophonte livingstoni sp. n. (Crustacea, Copepoda, Harpacticoida) de la zone littorale de l`ile de Livingston, Antarctique. – Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale “G. Doria, vol. XCIII – 23 marzo 2000, Genova, De Ferrari Editore: 239-252.

Pesce, G.L. and I. Pandourski. 2002. Pseudocyclopina livingstoni sp. n. from Livingston Island (Antarctica). – Biologia, Bratislava – 57.

Пандурски, И. /2002/. Биоразнообразие в подземните карстови води на България: степен на проученост и перспективи. – В сборник “І-ва Нац. Конференция Околна среда и културно наследство в карста”, София.

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Kozuharov, D. and I. Pandourski. 1999. Cladocera (Crustacea) from the subterranean waters. - In: National Scientific Conference on problems of karst and speleology, Sofia, March, 1999, National museum "Earth and Man", Proceeding: 90-94.

Popov, V. I. Pandourski, R. Pandurska-Whitcher, V. Beshkov. 2005. Small mammals (Insectivora, Chiroptera, Lagomorpha, Rodentia) in the area of Strandzha Mountain, South-eastern Bulgaria. - Challenges of Establishment and Management of a Trans-Border Biosphere Reserve between Bulgaria and Turkey in Strandzha Mountain. N. Chipev (Ed.), UNESCO/BAS Workshop, 10-13 November, Bourgas: 87 – 104.

Stoycheva, S., D. Georgiev, I. Pandourski, E. Tilova. 2009. Bat diversity in two large towns of the Upper Thrace, Bulgaria (Chiroptera). – Lynx (Praha), 40: 83-93.


Ecosystem Research, Environmental Risk Assessment and Conservation Biology
Community Ecology and Conservation Biology
Research group


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9 years 36 weeks