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Dimitar Ragyov

Dimitar Ragyov's picture

Personal information


Dimitar Ragyov
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
Bulgaria, Sofia 1113,Yurii Gagarin str. 2
Mobile: +359 898 58 55 53; Fax: +359 2 870 54 98;

Curriculum vitae

Date and place of birth: 30.12.1976, Sofia


2008 – 2008 School of Conservation Biology, Croatian Biological Society - Rovinj, Croatia
1996 – 2000 Master of science, Forestry department, Forestry University – Sofia, Bulgaria
1993 – 1996 Technical School of Communications – Sofia, Bulgaria


2010-2014 Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Assistant
2006 – 2010 Central Laboratory of General Ecology – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Biologist
2003 – 2006 Institute of Zoology - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia. Ecologist

Recent Projects:

2014 – 2020 The Saker falcon: research and conservation. Project leader
2011 – 2014 Reintroduction of Saker falcon in Bulgaria. Project leader
2010 – 2014 Southeast European Saker falcon Network (SESN). Project Leader
2011 – 2013 Impact of Trakiya highway traffic on biodiversity in the section between the town of Pazardzhik and the town of Plovdiv. Expert
2013 – 2013 Potential of Zlatisko-Pirdopsko pole region for implementation of biodiversity conservation projects. Expert
2013 – 2013 Preparation of a report to the European Commission about the wild birds population status for 2007-2012. Expert
2013 – 2013 Choice of executor for assessment and control of quality of the data of mapping and conservation status assessment of habitats and minimizing the risk for wild birds. Expert
2012 – 2012 Mapping and conservation status assessment of habitats and minimizing the risk for wild birds: collaborator – phase І”: Lot 2 „Fish”; Lo 3 „Amphibians and reptiles”;№ 4 „Mamals without bats”. Expert
2009 – 2013 Conservation of Imperial Eagle and Saker Falcon in key Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria" or “Save the Raptors”. Expert
2009 – 2010 Factors determining the Saker falcon breeding behavior in Central Mongolia. Expert
2010 – 2012 Support and management of European Ground Squirel colonies in Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria. Project leader
2010 – 2010 Impact assessment of low-voltage electricity network on birds of prey in a key site for future Saker falcon reintroduction. Project leader
2008 – 2009 NATURA 2000 Project. Expert
2003 – 2006 Studies of passerine bird migration. Collaborator
2003 – 2006 Breeding and reintroduction of rare and threatened bird species – Ruddy Shelduck /Tadorna Ferruginea/, Great Bustard /Otis tarda/, Ferruginous Duck /Aythia niroca/. Collaborator


Union in Scientists of Bulgaria

Research interests

zoology, ecology, biodiversity: birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles


Nedialkov N., D. Ragyov, Z. Boev, A. Dixon (2012) Diet of the Saker falcon (Falco cherrug) in Moldova and Ukraine. In: Program and Abstracts of International Conference on Zoology “50 years Department of Zoology”, University of Plovdiv, Faculty of Biology, October 8-10, 2012, Hissar, Bulgaria, 136pp. ISBN: 978-954-423-794-3. (poster and abstract in proceedings)

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Iankov P., G. Stoyanov, D. Ragyov (2013) Action plan for Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug Gray, 1834) Conservation in Bulgaria 2013-2022, MoEW, Sofia, 120 p.

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Ragyov D., Z. Ayas, M. Deli, A. Dixon (2008) An assessment of the population status of breeding Saker Falcons in Turkey. Symposium “Documenting, Analysing, and managing Biodiversity in the Middle East”, 20-23 October 2008, Aman, Jordan (abstract of poster in proceedings)

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Ecosystem Research, Environmental Risk Assessment and Conservation Biology
Community Ecology and Conservation Biology
Research group
Conservation Biology


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9 years 45 weeks