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Lyudmila Lozanova

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Personal information



phone: +359 884017781

Curriculum vitae


2020 - PhD in Ecology

Thesis: Role of belowground biomass of woody plants for carbon accumulation in mountain forest ecosystems

2015 - MSc in Ecomanagement and Sustainable Development, Faculty of Biology, St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University


2021 - present: Chief assistant, Department of Ecosystem Research, Environmental Risk Assessment and Conservation Biology, IBER-BAS

International trainings

2017 - BioLink COST 1305 Training school – Soil biodiversity in tree crops-CIHEAM-IAMB,Bari, Italy, 25-29 September 2017

2016 - International Summer School – Advanced methods and new integrated approaches to study soil processes in mountain ecosystems- Pieve Tesino, Italy, 26-30th June 2016

2016 - STSM COST 1305 – The difference in roots traits under different tree species as influenced by soil type in forest ecosystems in Bulgaria and the UK”, Forest Research, Alice Holt, UK, 29.02-25.03.2016

2015 - International Summer School – DPSIR factors to fulfill stakeholder needs in the different mountain areas in Europe -Kopaonik, Serbia, 1 – 5th September 2015

Project participation

2021-2023: DNA metabarcoding assessment of the Grey Plover’s (Pluvialis squatarola) diet in relation to its feeding preferences and endoparasite (helminth) infestation during spring and autumn migration on the Western Black Sea coast, Bulgaria. Bulgarian National Science Fund, КП-06-М51/3

2020-2027: LTER - BG: Upgrading the distributed scientific research infrastructure „Bulgarian Long-term Ecosystem Research Network”, Project coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Svetla Doncheva (IBER - BAS), Funded by Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, National Roadmap for Research Infrastructure

2018-2021: National Research Programme "Healthy Foods for a Strong Bio-Economy and Quality of Life", Component: 1.2. Agricultural practices and impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Funded by National Science Fund (NSF) DCM # 577/17.08.2018

2014-2017: MetEcosMap- Methodological assistance for assessing ecosystems and biophysical valuation (Project financing mechanism of the European Economic Area(Norwegian Financial Mechanism) program BG03 "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services"); Chief Assistant Svetla Doncheva

2013-2018: COST Action FP1305 BioLink- Linking belowground biodiversity and ecosystem function in European forests; Project coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Stella Lazarova, PhD

Research interests

Soil biodiversity and soil ecology
DNA barcoding, eDNA metabarcoding for biodiversity assessment


Todorova M., Petkova N., Grozeva N., Gerdzhikova M., Lazarova S., Lozanova L., Mladenov A. 2021. NDVI, chlorophyll and carotenoids content of leaves of Rosa damascena Mill under organic and conventional farming. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1031 (1), p. 012013). IOP Publishing

Lozanova, L., Zhiyanski, M., Vanguelova, E., Doncheva, S., Marinov, M. P., & Lazarova, S. (2019). Dynamics and Vertical Distribution of Roots in European Beech Forests and Douglas Fir Plantations in Bulgaria. Forests, 10(12) 1123. DOI:

Lazarova, S., Elshishka, M., Radoslavov, G., Lozanova, L., Hristov, P., Mladenov, A., ... & Peneva, V.(2019). Molecular and morphological characterisation of Longidoruspolyae sp. n. and L. pisi Edward, Misra & Singh, 1964 (Dorylaimida, Longidoridae) from Bulgaria. ZooKeys, 830, 75. Pensoft, ISSN:1313–2989, 75-98. DOI:

Zhiyanski, М., Sokolovska, М., Glushkova, М., Vilhar, У., Lozanova, L. (2017) Soil quality. The Urban Forest: Cultivating Green Infrastructure for People and the Environment, Springer, Cham. ISBN:978-3-319-50279-3, DOI:, 49-58


Ecosystem Research, Environmental Risk Assessment and Conservation Biology
Ecosystem Research
Research group
Ecosystem Functioning


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8 years 17 weeks