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Stela Lazarova

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Personal information


Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
2 Gagarin Street, 1113 Sofia
Phone: +359 886 532 609
E-mail address:

Curriculum vitae

1996 – 2000 PhD degree in Nematology, Department of Biodiversity, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Bulgarian Acad. Sci., PhD thesis: Comparative Analyses of Nematode Diversity of Forest Ecosystems.
1993 - 1994 MSc degree in Ecology and Environmental Protection, University of Forestry (Sofia).
1989 - 1994 BSc degree in Forestry, University of Forestry (Sofia).

At present - Associate Professor - Division of Biodiversity and Ecology of Invertebrates. Department of Animal Diversity and Resources;
2010 – 2013 Chief assistant. Division of Biodiversity and Ecology of Invertebrates. Department of Animal Diversity and Resources, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Acad. Sci.;
2001 – 2010, Research fellow. Department of Biodiversity, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Bulgarian Acad. Sci..
1999 – 2001, Ecologist. Department of Biodiversity, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Bulgarian Acad. Sci.

Research experience:
• 2002 – 2003 (1 year) Postdoctoral research fellowship, Project title: Co-evolutionary development of symbiotic Verrucomicrobia and Xiphinema americanum-group nematodes. Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland, UK.
• 2000 - Research fellowship (4 months), Application of DNA techniques for nematode taxonomy and phylogeny; Laboratory of Nematology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.
• 1999 - Research fellowship (3 months), Soil nematodes as bioindicators, Laboratory of Nematology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Scholarships and research grants:
• Joint Research Centre scholarship grant, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Ispra, 4th Summer School on Soil Survey (28 August – 2 September);
• Postdoctoral research grant, NATO/Royal Society of London, United Kingdom, (June 2002- September 2003);
• Predoctoral research fellowship, International Agricultural Centre, Wageningen University, The Netherlands (June-November 2000);
• Predoctoral research fellowship, Wageningen University, The Netherlands (June-August 1999);

Training courses:
• 2012 – Basic Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics, 12 –16 March, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Sofia, Project WETLANET.
• 2010 – Statistics and modeling of wetlands, 31 May – 4 June, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Sofia, Project WETLANET.
• 2010 – Computational Molecular Evolution, EMBO Practical course, 3 – 12 May, Institute of Marine Biology and genetics, Iraklio, Crete, Greece.
• 2010 – Creation and management of databases, 18 – 20 May, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Sofia, Project WETLANET.
• 2006 – 4th European Summer School on Soil Survey, 28 August – 2 September, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, JRC, Ispra, Italy.
• 2006 – Spring School on Molecular Approaches in Ecology and Evolution, 3 – 7 April, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Sofia, Project BIOCORE.
• 2005 – International Training Course in Bioinformatics, 6 – 10 June, Institute of Experimental Pathology and Parasitology, Bulgarian Acad. Sci..
• 1999 – Nematode identification course, Laboratory of Nematology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Project participation:
• 2020-2027: Upgrade of the Research Infrastructure Distributed System of Scientific Collections – Bulgaria (DiSSCo-BG): Phase 1. Funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, National Roadmap for Research Infrastructure for the period 2020-2027 (ДО1-403/18.12.2020);
• 2020-2027: LTER - BG: Upgrading the distributed scientific research infrastructure „Bulgarian Long-term Ecosystem Research Network” Funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, National Roadmap for Research Infrastructure for the period 2020-2027 (ДО1-405/18.12.2020);
• 2018-2022: National Research Programme "Healthy Foods for a Strong Bio-Economy and Quality of Life" Component: 1.2. Agricultural practices and impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Funded by National Science Fund (NSF) DCM # 577/17.08.2018;
• 2015-2020: STACCATO: SusTaining AgriCultural ChAnge Through ecological engineering and Optimal use of natural resources. Funded by BiodivERsA network (NSF ДО02/2 - 26.11.2015);
• 2014-2018: Nematodes of fam. Longidoridae and fam. Trichodoridae in various crops under different management systems in China and Bulgaria. Funded by NSF (ДНТС/Китай/01/3);
• 2014-2017: MetEcoSMap - Methodological Support for Ecosystem Services Mapping and Biophysical Valuation. Activity: Development of biodiversity indicators of cropland soil condition. Funded by EEA-Norway grants -BG03 "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services";
• 2013-2018: BioLink - Linking belowground biodiversity and ecosystem functions in European forests Funded by EU COST program (Action FP1305);
• 2013-2018: JMBiotc - Establishment of a new joint master degree in biotechnology applied to agri-science, environment and pharmacology in Egypt. Funded by EU TEMPUS program (543865-TEMPUS-1-2013);
• 2009-2012: WETLANET - Enhancing research potential by strengthening a local network of laboratories for studying wetland ecosystems functioning, restoration and management; funded by FP7 EC (FP7 CSA – SUPPORT ACTION, contract No. 229802);
• 2009 – 2011: CEBDER - Development of National Centre of Excellence in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research. Funded by NSF (DO 02-15/2009);
• 2009 – 2010: Development of sustainable agriculture in South-East Europe: Risk assessment of virus vector nematodes (family Longidoridae) in agricultural and horticultural crops in Slovenia and Bulgaria; Bilateral agreement between Bulgaria and Slovenia. Funded by NSF;
• 2007 – 2009: Morphology, molecular identification and phylogenetic relationships of Longidoridae nematodes from Apeninian and Balkan peninsulas; joint project in the frames of the co-operation agreement between CLGE, BAS and the Plant protection Institute, Bari, Italy;
• 2007 – 2009: Confocal laser scanning microscope for evaluation of Bulgarian bioresources. Project coordination - Institute of Microbiology; Funded by NSF;
• 2005 – 2007: Centre for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research – BioCORE. Funded by NSF, Leader of Work Package 1;
• 2004 – 2007: Biodiversity and ecology of nematodes of family Longidoridae from Bulgaria and adjacent territories. Funded by NSF;
• 2004 – 2006: Morphology, molecular markers and phylogeny of the genus Xiphinema (Nematoda: Longidoridae). Funded by NSF; Project coordinator;
• 2003 – 2004: Fauna Europaea Funded by EC 5th Framework Programme. Contributor on some groups;
• 2002 – 2003: Co-evolutionary development of symbiotic Verrucomicrobia and Xiphinema americanum-group nematodes: a molecular approach. Funded by NATO/Royal Society; Single investigator;
• 1999 – 2003: Biological diversity, biocoenotic organization and conservation of biota at Livingston Island, Antarctica. Funded by the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute and the NSF;

Expertise in:
• Molecular methods: DNA isolation, PCR, RFLP, cloning, sequencing, application of basic methods for phylogenetic analysis of molecular data.
• Nematode taxonomy and identification: at generic level - for community analyses and bioindication purposes; and at species level - for economically important plant parasitic nematode taxa involved in virus transmission.
• Statistical analyses: application of classification and ordination methods for community analyses.

Research interests

• Nematode identification, systematics, taxonomy and evolution;
• Application of DNA-based techniques for:
- species identification of economically important plant parasitic nematodes;
- species delimitation for diversity studies and molecular systematics;
- studying host-endosymbiont relationships;
- other ecological studies;
• Diversity and ecology of soil nematodes, methods for quantitative community analyses;
• Impact assessment of environmental changes on soil nematode communities;
• Symbiotic relationships;
• Molecular evolution and phylogeny.


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Popular science publications:
Лазарова С., Дончева Н., Цавков Г., Лазаров С. 2013. Старите гори – непознатите съкровища на България. Изд. WWF-България: 22 стр. ISBN 978-954-8552-04-2. [Lazarova S. Dontcheva N. Tsavkov G. Lazarov S. Old-growth forests - the unknown treasures of Bulgaria, WWF Bulgaria, 22 p.]

Лазаров С., Димова Д., Лазарова С. 2012. Инвентаризация и управление на мъртвата дървесина в горски екосистеми. Геософт ЕООД, 27 стр. ISBN 978-954-9433-16-6 [Lazarov S., Dimova D., Lazarova C. Inventory and management of deadwood in forest ecosystems. Geosoft Ltd, 27 pp.]


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