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Marina Stanilova

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Personal information


Dr. Marina Stanilova
Department of Plant and Fungal Diversity and Resources,
Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

23, Acad. G. Bonchev Str.
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

Office (+359 2) 979 21 98
Laboratory (+359 2) 979 21 83
Fax: (+359 2) 871 90 32

E-mails addresses: (office)

Curriculum vitae

Education and degrees

1994: PhD in Botany (Plant Biotechnology), Institute of Genetics, BAS; thesis: “Investigation on in vitro micropropagation of Leucojum aestivum L. (summer snowflake) and Lilium rhodopaeum Delip. (Lilium of the Rhodope Mountains)”, supervisor Dr. N. Zagorska

1984: MSc in Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biology, University of Sofia "St. Kl. Ochridski"; thesis: “Biochemical characterizations of protein extract of the waste biomass of Actinomyces aureofaciens”, supervisor Dr. V. Balutsov

1979: Secondary French language school “F. Joliot-Curie”, Varna

Langages: French, English, and Russian


2010-present: Head of Division Applied Botany, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, BAS

2010-present: Head of RG Plant biotechnology and ex situ conservation of rare, medicinal and aromatic plants

2010-present: Associate Professor: Division of Applied Botany, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, BAS

2001-present: Head of the Biotechnological Lab of Medicinal Plants (since its establishment within NATO SfP-974453 project)

2000-2010: Researcher: Department of Applied Botany, Institute of Botany, BAS

1998-1999: Researcher: Lab of Biology and Chemistry of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Institute of Botany, BAS

1996-1997: Researcher: Lab of Anatomy and Embryology of Plants, Institute of Botany, BAS

1993-1995: Maternity leave

1991-1992: Biologist: Lab of Anatomy and Embryology of Plants, Institute of Botany, BAS, Sofia

1987-1990: PhD student: Lab of Plant Cell and Tissue Cultures, Institute of Genetics, BAS, Sofia

1985-1986: Biologist: Institute of Poultry, Kostinbrod, Bulgaria

Fellowships, Training courses and Institution visits:

1996: 3-month Fellowship in France (University of Reims, Champagne-Ardenne), in Plant Biotechnology, funded by UNESCO Biotechnology Action Council (Isolation and cultivation of protoplasts, Extraction and purification of plasmid DNA, Protoplast transformation); supervisor: Dr. M. Burrus

1986: 2-month Fellowship in the Institute of animal husbandry, Kostinbrod, in GC-MS (Extraction and purification of lipids, Determination of lipids with GC-MS and interpretation of results); supervisor: Dr. N. Banskalieva

27/29 May 2009: Training in Management of Human Resources, organized within Project # K 08-22-2-C/09.07.2008 “Let invest in people” of the Operative programme “Administration capacity” co-financed by the European Social Fund (Velingrad, Bulgaria)

08/11 June, 2002: Training course on Commercialization of the results obtained through Science-for-Peace Projects, organized by NATO SfP Programme Office for Parnter Project Directors (Istanbul, Turkey)

14/19 March, 2001: Training course on Intellectual Property & Licensing, organized by NATO SfP Programme Office for Parnter Project Directors (Moscow, Russia)

2/3 June 2010: Visit of the National seed bank, Biotech lab, Museum, and Botanical garden, Seminar on ex situ protection and sustainable use of plant resources. Institute of plant genetic resources, Sadovo

22/25 November 2006: Institution visit to the University of Vienna and the Austrian pharmaceutical company Sandoz, to exchange scientific experience in biotech technologies and discuss possible cooperation (Vienna and Innsbruck, Austria)

02/18 September 2003: Institution visits to several biotech labs in French Universities to exchange information on laboratory management and scientific experience (Toulouse, Reims, Strasbourg and Besançon, France).

Student Management & Teaching:

Supervisor of Iva Vassileva Doycheva PhD thesis in Plant Biotechnology, since 2013

Co-supervisor of Rossen Nikolaev Gorgorov PhD thesis in Plant Biotechnology, since 2009

Co-supervisor of Yuliana Yordanova Bogdanova PhD thesis in Plant Biotechnology, 2004-2010 (defended June 2010)

Supervisor of Lyubov Hristova MSc thesis in Plant Biotechnology, 2004-2005 (defended February 2005)

Supervisor of Teodora Angelova Ivanova MSc thesis in Plant Biotechnology, 2003-2005 (defended February 2005)

Lecturer on Plant Biotechnology, BAS school for PhD-students (May 2012)

Lecturer on Biotech methods for plant diversity protection, Training course for PhD-students and young researchers (December 2009), OP Development of human resource

Lecturer & examiner on Plant Biotechnology, International Summer School for Students (16/27 June 2009, Potenza, Italy), Lifelong Learning Erasmus IP

Key Projects:

2001-2006: NATO SfP 974453 Alternative approaches of bioproduction of alkaloids and active substances from Bulgarian rare and threatened medicinal plants. Scientific director: Dr. M. Stanilova, Administrative director: Dr. M. Burrus, Partners: Institute of Microbiology BAS, University of Reims, France, and Sopharma JSCo; Funding: NATO Science for Peace Programme

2008-2009: BIVEP – Balkan In Vitro depot of Endangered Plants. Project coordinator: Dr. M. Stanilova, Partners: Austria, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia; Funding: Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research (SEE Science Cooperation Initiative)

2008-2009: Water quality management and Environment, Biotechnology and Bioenergy.; Project leader: Pr. L. Martiny, France; Partners: Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Slovak Republic, Slovenia; Funding: EC, Lifelong Learning Erasmus IP

2008-2010: BG051PO001/07/3.3-02/70/17.06.2008: Enhancement of young researchers’ capacity in learning, conservation and sustainable use of plant and fungal biodiversity in Bulgaria. Project leader: Dr. M. Stanilova, Funding: European Social Fund, OP Development of human resources, Co-funding: Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria

2009-2011: Conservation of biodiversity in hot-spots of glacial relict plants in Bulgaria. Project leader: Prof. D. Peev, Partner: University of Bergen, Norway; Funding: EAA Island, Liechtenstein, Norway, Co-funding: Ministry of Finances of Bulgaria

2009-2012: MEW 7857/19.11.2009. Conservation of Astragalus physocalyx (Fabaceae) and its habitat in Bulgaria. Project leader: S. Stoyanov, Funding: Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Waters

2010-2012: TK_09_0153 Complex investigation of high-mountain protected endemic and rare medicinal plants from the Bulgarian flora – conservation and sustainable use. Project leader: Dr. A. Vitkova; Partners: Institute of Genetics, BAS; Institute of Organic Chemistry, BAS; Funding: National Funds for Scientific Studies

2011-2012: In vitro micropropagation of Fritillaria meleagroides Patrin. Project leader: Dr. M. Stanilova; Funding: Bulgarian Foundation Biodiversity

2012-2013: LLP-2012-GRU-WS- 06 Determination of Favourable Conservation Status as a Precondition for Biodiversity Protection. Project leader: Dr. M. Stanilova, Funding: EC, Lifelong learning programme, Grundtvig Workshop

2012-2013: D 9/2012 In vitro propagation of Lilium rhodopaeum and regeneration of up to 1000 new plants. Project leader: Dr. M. Stanilova, Funding: Eco Organization The Rhodope Mountains

Scientific Conferences

Participation in 33 international and national scientific conferences and symposia (23 of them personally attended)

1st Internacional Conference on Plant Biology, 20th Symposium of the Serbian Plant Physiology Society. Subotica, Serbia, 4/7 June 2013 (plenary lecture)

Ecology Seminar. Sofia, 24/26 April 2013 (oral presentation)

A New Approach of the Academic Research in Biology. Bucharest, Romania, 11/12 December 2012 (invited lecture)

International conference “130 years agricultural sciences in Sadovo”. Sadovo, 5/6 June 2012 (poster)

4th International Symposium “New research in biotechnology” USAMV. Bucharest, Romania, 10/11 November 2011 (2 posters)

VII National conference on botany. Sofia, 29/30 September 2011 (poster)

First Symposium on Medicinal, Aromatic, and Neutraceutical Plants from Mountain Regions. Saas-Fee, Switzerland, 6/9 July 2011 (oral presentation)

19th DFBS Symposium. Vrujci, Serbia, 13/15 June 2011 (poster)

National Conference “Biodiversity and Environment”, organized by the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”, under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Waters. Sofia, 24/25 June 2010 (2 posters)

International conference “New research in Biotechnology”, organized by USAMV. Bucharest, Romania, 19/20 November 2009 (oral presentation)

XI Anniversary National Conference on Plant Physiology with International Attendance: 60 years Institute of Plant Physiology-BAS, “Plant Physiology – traditions and challenges of 21 century”. Sofia, 19/20 November 2009 (poster)

International Conference “PhD-thesis in Bulgaria and worldwide: practice and perspectives” with a Round table “Development of the scientific potential of the young researchers in Bulgaria”, organized by: Bulgarian Comparative Educational Society, Center for Science Studies and History of Science, and National Fund for Research. Sofia, 29 June, 2009

XI Anniversary Scientific Conference with International Attendance: 120 years of academic education in biology, 45 years faculty of biology “Biology –Traditions and Challenges”. Sofia, 27/29 May 2009 (poster)

International conference “New research in Biotechnology”, organized by USAMV. Bucharest, Romania, 20/21 November 2008 (2 posters)

5th Conference of AMAPSEEC. Brno, Check Republic, 2/6 September 2008 (poster)

National Conference with International participation “Ecology and Health”. Plovdiv, 10 April 2008 (poster)

5th International Conference Propagation of Ornamental Plants. Sofia, 5/8 September 2007 (2 posters)

Symposium: Medicinal Plants – Present and Perspectives. Piatra Neamt, Romania, 6/8 June 2007 (oral presentation)

IV Balkan Botanical Congress. Sofia, 20/26 June 2006 (oral presentation and 3 posters)

XI OPTIMA Meeting. Belgrad, Serbia and Montenegro, 5/10 September 2004 (poster)

3rd Conference of AMAPSEEC. Nitra, Slovakia, 5/8 September 2004 (2 posters)

National poster session “Achievements in the botanical science in Bulgaria at the beginning of the 21 century”. Balchik, 13/14 September 2003 (poster)

Fifth International Symposium Technomat & Infotel. Slunchev bryag, Bulgaria, 8/12 September 2003 (2 oral presentations)

International R&D Conference “Bulgaria and the system of industrial property: development and perspectives”. Sofia, 11 June 2003 (poster)

2nd Conference of AMAPSEEC. Chalkidiki, Greece, 29 Sept./3 Oct. 2002 (oral presentation and poster)

7th Symposium of the Flora of Southeastern Serbia and Neighboring Regions. Dimitrovgrad, Yugoslavia, 5/9 June 2002 (poster)

X Congress of OPTIMA (Organisation of Phyto Taxonomic Investigations of the Mediterranean Area). Palermo, Italy, 13/19 September 2001 (poster)

VI National Conference of Botany. Sofia, 18/20 June 2001 (poster)

VII Scientific Session of Biology. Sofia, May 1997 (poster)

Congress on Cell and Tissue Culture Association. San Diego, CA, USA, 5/9 June 1993 (poster)

International Youth Conference on Genetics. Vratsa, October 1990 (poster)

IV National Conference on Citogenetics. Albena, September 1989 (poster)

International Youth Conference on Genetics. Sofia, September 1988 (poster)


AMAPSEEC (Association of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of South-East European Countries)

ISHS (International Society of Horticultural Science)

Research interests

Research area

The efforts of the Biotechnological Laboratory of Medicinal Plants are aimed at ex situ conservation of rare and endangered species from the Bulgarian flora by means of biotechnology, with emphasis on medicinal and aromatic plants.

Personal Research & Management Experience

  • In vitro rapid micropropagation, ex vitro adaptation and acclimation of plant species
  • In vitro biosynthesis of alkaloids from medicinal plants
  • Selection of high productive in vitro clones
  • Cell protoplast hybridization
  • Planning, Setting-up and Management of Biotechnological laboratory
  • Project elaboration and management, work in team, collaboration with Bulgarian and Foreign scientific partners, and with companies

Selected Publications:

Stanilova M., Gorgorov R., Trendafilova A., Nikolova M., Vitkova A. (2012) Influence of nutrient medium composition on in vitro growth, polyphenolic content and antioxidant activity of Alchemilla mollis. – Nat. Prod. Commun., 7 (6): 761-766 (IF 1.242) ISSN 1934-578X (printed); 1555-9475 (online)

Stanilova M., Gorgorov R., Vitkova A. (2012) In vitro cultivation of Alchemilla mollis (Rosaceae) in Bulgaria. Acta Horticulturae, 955: 237-242 (IF 0.310) ISSN 05677572

Gorgorov R., Yankova E., Baldjiev G., Apostolova I., Yurukova-Grancharova P., Stanilova M. (2011) Reproductive capacity and in vitro cultivation of the glacial relict Papaver degenii (Papaveraceae). Phytologia Balcanica, 17 (3):333-340 ISSN: 1310-7771 (printed); ISSN: 1314-0027 (online)

Gorgorov R., Stanilova M. & Vitkova A. (2011) In vitro cultivation of some endemic and rare Alchemilla species in Bulgaria. Romanian Biotech. Letters, 16 (6): 65-70 ISSN 1224 – 5984

Stanilova M., Molle E., Yanev S. (2010) Galanthamine Production by Leucojum aestivum Cultures In Vitro. In: The Alkaloids: Chemistry and Biology (Cordell G.A., ed.), Acad. Press Elsevier, Vol. 68, Chapter 5, pp.167-270 ISBN: 978-0-12-381335-0

Stanilova M., Molle E., Bogdanova Y., Pandova B., Yanev S. (2009) Comparative studies of dynamics and stimulation of alkaloid biosynthesis in Leucojum aestivum clones in vitro. Sci.Bull.Biotechnology, Ser. F, Proc. 2nd Intern. Symp “New Researches in Biotechnology” SimpBTH, pp. 26-34

Bogdanova Y., Pandova B., Yanev S., Stanilova M. (2009) Biosynthesis of lycorine by in vitro cultures of Pancratium maritimum L. (Amaryllidaceae). Biotechnol. & Biotechnol. Eq. 23/2009/SE: 919-922 (IF 0.291) ISSN 1310-2818

Stanilova M., Hristova L., Molle E., Pandova B., Burrus M., Yanev S. (2009) Stimulation of alkaloid biosynthesis in long-term in vitro cultures of Leucojum aestivum L. (Amaryllidaceae). Compt. rend. Acad. Bulg. Sci., 62 (7): 863-870 (IF 0.204) ISSN 1310-1331

Bogdanova Y., Stoeva T., Yanev S., Pandova B., Molle E., Burrus M., Stanilova M. (2009) Influence of plant origin on propagation capacity and alkaloid biosynthesis during long-term in vitro cultivation of Leucojum aestivum L. In Vitro Cell. & Dev.-Plant, 45 (4): 458-465 (IF 0.853) ISSN: 1054-5476

Stanilova M., Georgieva K., Petkova S., Gorgorov R., Doncheva S. (2009) Physiological characteristics of in vitro and field cultivated Leucojum aestivum L. plants. General and Applied Plant Physiology, 35 (3–4): 140-145 ISSN 1312-8183

Stanilova M., Molle E., Bogdanova Y., Hristova L., Pandova B., Yanev S., Burrus M. (2008) Dynamics of galanthamine and lycorine contents in long-term in vitro cultures of Leucojum aestivum L. (Amaryllidaceae) Sci.Bull.Biotechnology, Ser. F, Proc. 1st Intern. Symp “New Researches in Biotechnology” SimpBTH, Ser. F, pp. 203-212

Bogdanova Y., Pandova B., Yanev S., Molle E., Burrus M., Stanilova M. (2008) Effect of jasmonic acid on galanthamine content in Leucojum aestivum long-term cultures. Sci.Bull.Biotechnology, Ser. F, Proc. 1st Intern. Symp “New Researches in Biotechnology” SimpBTH, Ser. F, pp. 223-232

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Ivanova T., Gussev Ch., Bosseva Y., Stanilova M., Stoeva T. (2008) In vitro regeneration of Ruscus aculeatus L. – effective micropropagation by shoot cultures. Propag. Ornam. Plants, 8 (1): 39-41 (IF 0.333) ISSN 1311-9109

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Berkov S., Pavlov A., Ilieva M., Burrus M., Popov S., Stanilova M. (2005) CGC/MS of Alkaloids in Leucojum aestivum Plants and their in vitro Cultures. Phytochem. Anal., 16: 98-103 (IF 1.398) ISSN 1099-1565

Gussev Ch., Uzunov D., Bosseva Y., Stoeva T., Stanilova M., Burrus M. (2003) Conservation of Leucojum aestivum L. (Amaryllidaceae) in Bulgaria. Bocconea 16 (2): 815-821

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Ilcheva V., Zagorska N., Stanilova M. (1993) Micropropagation of Lilium rhodopaeum Delip. Compt. rend. Acad. Bulg. Sci., 4: 105-107 (IF 0.136) ISSN-0366-8681


Plant and Fungal Diversity and Resources
Applied Botany


Member for
13 years 9 weeks