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Nasko Atanassov

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Personal information


Assoc. Prof. Nasko Atanassov, PhD
Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Tzar Osvoboditel blvd., 1000 Sofia
Phone: + 359 2 988 51 15
Mobile: +359 898 643 523

Curriculum vitae

Assoc. Prof. Nasko Atanassov, PhD
senior researcher
Date of birth: 04.11.1953
address: 1113 Sofia, j.k. Geo Millev 132 bl. ap. 9
1977 - Sofia university, Biological faculty - Masters Degree
1985 - Belorussian university, Minsk - PhD
1987 - BAS, Institute of Zoology, Assist. Prof.
2002 - BAS, Institute of Zoology, Assoc. Prof.

Research interests

zoology, mammals, small rodents
ecology and protection of ecosystems
population dynamics, cytogenetics, bio-monitoring


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