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Projects with national funding

2023-2026: Molecular tool for identification of parasitic worms of birds from natural ecosystems - development and validation (HELMCODE). Leader: Assoc. Prof. Yasen Mutafchiev
2020-2022: Fostering plant biodiversity research capacity in Bulgaria through scientific excellence in DNA barcoding and metabarcoding. Funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria, National program "European Scientific Networks". Leader: Dr G. Bonchev from the IPPG-BAS, coordinator of the team from IBER: Prof. S. Bancheva
2018-2021: GLORIA – Bulgaria: Bulgaria’s alpine plant diversity under climate change pressure: Setup of GLORIA long-term monitoring sites and risk assessment of diversity losses. Funded by NSF (contract КП-06-Н21/16 - 19.12.2018). Leader: Dr A. Ganeva.
2018-2023: Center for Intelligent Solutions in Creative and Recreational Industries" (INCREA) (BG05M2OP001-1.002-0008-C01) (BG05M2OP001-1.002-0008-C01). Funded by the Bulgarian Operational Programme "Science and Education for Smart Growth" 2014-2020, co-funded by the European Union through the European Structural and Investment Funds. Coordinator for IBER-BAS: Assoc. Prof. Dessislava Dimitrova
2013-2016: Structural and functional diversity of bacterial communities inhabiting coastal zones under anthropogenic pressure (South-Western Black sea). Leader: Dr N. Todorova.
04-10.2013: Survey for establishing the level of water contamination in the Danube River with heavy metals and organic products (Contract No. 62/18.04.2013). Funded by Executive Agency of Fisheries and Aquaculture in the Ministry of the Agriculture and Food, (Project BG0713EFF-514-220262). The project is finacially supported by the Operational Program for development of the fisheries, co-funded by the the "Investment in the sustainable fisheries" European Fund of Fisheries of the EC. Leader: Dr L. Pehlivanov.
2012-2014: Patterns in spatial distribution of habitats, plant communities and plant species in southern Bulgaria in relation to environmental and bioclimatic gradients. Funded by NSF (DMU 03-115/13.12.2011). Leader: Dr D. Sopotlieva.
2012-2013: Monitoring of  macrozoobenthos in lakes/reservoir as a  part of the national monitoring program of surface water in Bulgaria for 2012. Funded by ExEA/ MEWB (No. 2364/20.09.2012). Team-leader: Dr Е. Varadinova.
2011-2014: Evaluation of soil monitoring indicators and environmental risk assessment for development of programs to sustainable land use in contaminated and anthoropogenic impacted zones. Funded by NSF (DTK 01/105 05.01.2010). Leader: Dr N. Dinev (Institute of Soil Science "N. Poushkarov"). Coordinator from IBER: Prof. Dr S. Chankova.
2011-2012: Monitoring of macrozoobenthos in lakes/reservoir  as a  part of the national monitoring program of surface water in Bulgaria for 2011. Funded by ExEA/ MEWB (No. 2072/01.08.2011). Team-leader: Dr Е. Varadinova.
2010-2013: Novel highly effective and safe antitumor and antiviral low- molecular and polymeric aminophosphonates. Funded by NSF (DTK 02/34). Coordinator: Dr I. Kraycheva. Team-leader for IBER: Dr M. Topashka.
2010-2013: Usage of milk proteins genetic polymorphism for selection and breeding of dairy cows in Bulgaria. Funded by NSF (YRG No 02/23 28.12.2009). Partners: Biochemistry Department, Biological Faculty of Sofia University, Agricultural and Stockbreeding Experimental Station, Smolyan. Leader: Dr P. Hristov.
2009-2013: Phylogenetic ultrastructure markers for parasitic worms. Funded by NSF (YS DO 02-271/18.12.2008). Leader: Dr P. Nikolov.
2009-2013: Compass orientation, navigation and inherited migration program of long-distance passerine migrants. Funded by NSF (DO 02-277). Leader: Dr M. Ilieva.
2009-2013: Impact of Trakiya highway traffic on biodiversity in the section between the town of Pazardzhik and the town of Plovdiv. Funded by NSF (YS DO 02-303). Leader: Dr N. Kamburova-Ivanova.
2009-2013: Effect of ski-runs in the Pirin National Park on the biodiversity of model groups of organisms. Funding: NSF (DO 02-270). Leader: Dr S. Nikolov.
2011-2012: Creation of a database of pollutants from industrial waste in a transboundary aspect and a logical framework for problem solving. Funded by EU Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme, CCI Number 2007 CB16IPO006-1-101. Leader: eng. R. Hristova (project brochure).
2009-2012: New Integrated Genome biomarker test system (IBGTS): A useful tool in environmental risk assessment in model invertebrate and vertebrate species. Funded by NSF (DО 02-259/08). Leader: Dr S. Grozeva.
2009-2012: Biologically-based approaches for control of the grey corn weevil Tanymecus dilaticollis. Funded by NSF (DO 02-335/2008). Partners: Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK, Plant Protection Institute, Hungarian academy of Sciences, Hungary. Leader: Dr T. Toshova.
2009-2012. Development and optimizing of pheromone and floral baits and their use in investigations on the ecology and biodiversity of insects. Funded by NSF (DO 02-244/ 2008). Partners: Agricultural University, Plovdiv, Institute of Mountain Stockbreeding and Agriculture, Troyan, Institute of Agriculture, Kystendil, Plant Protection Institute, HAS, Budapest, Hungary, Mustafa Kemal University, Antakya, Turkey. Leader: Prof. DSc M. Subchev.
2009-2012: Black sea gobies (Gobiidae) – biological resource of an uderestimated economical and conservation significance. Funded by NSF (DО 02-201/2008). Partners: NMNH, IFR-Varna. Leader: Dr M. Vasilev.
2009-2012: National co-funding of FP7 EC project WETLANET (FP7 CSA GA 229802). Funding NSF (DO 02-145). Leader: Prof. B. Georgiev.
2009-2012: National co-funding of FP7 EC project DynaLearn (FP7 EC GA 231526). Funding NSF (DO О2-142). Leader: Dr Y. Uzunov.
2009-2012: Ecological status of the marine ecosystems along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and its impact on the structure and status of the seaweed communities (Cystoseira and Zostera). Funded by NSF (DO 02-218/2008). Partner: IMB-BAS. Leader: Dr G. Hiebaum.
2009-2012: Biology, ecology and control of the alien invasive species of Bulgarian flora (project website). Funded by NSF (DO 02-194/2008). Leader: Dr A. Petrova.
2009-2012: Biological diversity of aquatic ecosystems in wetlands of flood plane of the Lower Danube regarding optimisation of ecosystem functions under global climate change. Funded by NSF (DО 02-352/2009). Leader: Dr L. Pehlivanov.
2009-2012: Antarctic algae - a model system for resistance to oxidative stress. Funding: NSF (DO 02-317). Leader: Dr I. Puneva (IFP-BAS). Coordinator for IBER: Prof. Dr S. Chankova.
2009-2012: Alien terrestrial arthropods and their importance for the biodiversity for Bulgaria. Funded by NSF (DO 02-191). Partners: Marc Kenis, CABI, Switzerland, Emilio Guerrieri, Plant Protection Institute, Italy, Umberto Bernardo, Plant Protection Institute, Italy, Dora Kaloyanova, Utrecht University, Netherlands. Leader: Dr R. Tomov (Forest Research University). Coordinator from IBER: Prof. Dr D. Pilarska.
2009-2012: Biodiversity and biology of entomopathogens of some forest insect pests of economical importance in Bulgaria. Funded by NSF (DО-02-251/08). Partners: A. Linde (University of Applied Science, Eberswalde, Germany), L. Solter (University of Illinois, USA), M. Hylis (Charles University, Czech Republic), M. Glavendekic (University of Beograde, Serbia), R. Wegensteiner (BOKU, Austria). Leader: Prof. Dr D. Pilarska.
2009-2012: Impact of entomopathogenic fungus Entomophaga maimaiga Humber, Shimauzu & Soper on gypsy moth Lymantria dispar (Linnaeus) population and entomofauna biodiversity in oak ecosystems in Bulgaria. Funded by NSF (DO-02-282). Partners: Forest Research Institute, BAS, A. Linde (University of Applied Science, Eberswalde, Germany), L. Solter (University of Illinois, USA), A. Hajek (Cornell University, NY, USA). Project Leader: Prof. G. Georgiev (FRI, BAS). Coordinator from IBER: Prof. Dr D. Pilarska.
2009-2012: Assessment and management of Dreissena spp. invasions in the Bulgarian Water Bodies (project website). Funded by NSF (DО 02-283/08). Leader: Dr I. Pandourski.
2009-2011: Preprint of Red Data Book of Republic of Bulgaria. Vol. I. Plants and fungi. Vol. II. Animals. Vol. III. Habitats. Vol. IV. Electronic edition (open access). Funding: Ministry of Environment and Waters. Leader: Prof. Dr V. Biserkov.
2009-2011: CEBDER - Development of National Centre of Excellence in biodiversity and ecosystem research. Funded by NSF (DO 02-15/2009). Partners: Forest Research Institute-BAS, National Museum of Natural History-BAS, Institute of Oceanology-BAS, Sofia University (Biological Faculty), Agricultural University, Plovdiv, Trakia University, Stara Zagora. Leader: Prof. DSc B. Georgiev.
2009-2011 Development of scientific potential in the field of faunistic diversity and the protection of environment. Funded by Ministry of Education, Youth and Science and the European Social Fund, Operative Programme "Human Resources Development" ("Support to the development of PhD students, post-doctoral students, post-graduate students and young scientists) (BG 051 PO001-3.3.04/41) (project website). Partners: National Museum of Natural History, BAS, Biological Faculty (Sofia University). Leader: Dr M. Todorov.
2009-2011: Initiatives for mobilizing, stimulating and increasing of scientific investigations quality of young scientific potential in priority areas of medico-biological sciences. Funded by European Social Fund, Operative Programme "Human Resources Development" ("Support to the development of PhD students, post-doctoral students, post-graduate students and young scientists). Partner: NVS. Project leader: Dr E. Shikova (IEMPAM-BAS). Participants from IBER-BAS: Dr D. Teofanova, Dr A. Yoneva.
2009-2011 Harmonizing approaches in zoo monitoring of alpine ecosystems in Bulgaria and Slovakia, using small mammal monitor communities. Funded by NSF (BG-SK-212). Leader: Dr K. Dimitrov.
2008-2011: Development of sustainable agriculture in South-East Europe: Risk assessment of virus vector nematodes (family Longidoridae) in agricultural and horticultural crops in Slovenia and Bulgaria. Funded by NSF (DO 02-101), programme of bilateral agreement between Bulgaria and Slovenia. Partner: Agricultural Institute. Lyublyana, Slovenia. Leader: Prof. Dr V. Peneva.