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Vlada Peneva

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Personal information


Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
2 Gagarin Street
1113 Sofia

+359 2 8717195
+359 2 8719138

E-mail address:

Curriculum vitae


- 1987: PhD, Central Laboratory of Helminthology, BAS;

- 1980: MSc, Faculty of Biology, St Kliment Okhridski University of Sofia


- 2000-2010: Senior Research Scientist, Central Laboratory of General of Ecology, BAS;
- 1996-2000: Research Associate, Central Laboratory of General of Ecology, BAS;
- 1995-1996: Research Associate, Institute of Ecology, BAS;
- 1987-1995: Research Associate, Insitute of Parasitology, BAS.

Study visits:

- 1987: six month visit to the Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands, Testing the suitability of 11 cultivars as hosts of Meloidogyne hapla at green-house conditions;

- 1997-1998: one year Royal Society Fellowship at Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland, studying the nematodes of climax types of vegetation in Scotland;

- 1999: one month visit to the Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland, investigating the taxonomy of nematodes of the genus Longidorus.

Current Research Projects:

- 2009-2011: CEBDER - Development of National Centre of Excellence in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research; funded by NSF (DO 02-15/2009)

-2009-2011: Biological diversity of aquatic ecosystems in wetlands of flood plane of the Lower Danube regarding optimizing ecosystem functions under global climate change; funded by NSF (DО 02-352/2009)

-2009-2010: Development of sustainable agriculture in South-East Europe: Risk assessment of virus vector nematodes (family Longidoridae) in agricultural and horticultural crops in Slovenia and Bulgaria; funded by NSF, bilateral agreement between Bulgaria and Slovenia

-2007-2009: Assessment of the influence of fragmentation on the bio-resources in urban areas; funded by NSF (TKB-1616/06)

-2005-2007: BioCORE – Centre for biodiversity and ecosystem research; funded by NSF

- 2004-2007: Biodiversity and ecology of nematodes of family Longidoridae from Bulgaria and adjacent territories; funded by the National Scientific Fund (NSF);

- 2004-2006: Morphology, molecular markers and phylogeny of the genus Xiphinema (Nematoda: Longidoridae); funded by the NSF;

- 2003-2004: Conflicts between human activities and the conservation of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, grasslands, forests, wetlands and uplands in Europe; funded by EU 5th Framework Programme/BIOFORUM-ACC, EVK2-CT-1999-2006;

- 2003-2004: Fauna Europaea; funded by EC 5th Framework Programme;

- 2001-2004: Assessment of the dynamics of structural and functional parameters of chestnut ecosystems in South West of Bulgaria; funded by Ministry of agriculture and forests, Bulgaria;

- 1999-2003: Biological diversity, biocoenotic organization and conservation of biota at Livingston Island, Antarctica; funded by the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute - NSF;


- 1995: Practicals on nematodes at the High School of Forestry, Sofia.

- 1996-2000: Specialised course in nematology at The Plovdiv University “ Paisii Hilendarsky” - lectures and practicals.

Membership in professional bodies:

- European Society of Nematologists
- Bulgarian Parasitological Society.

Research interests

- Fauna and ecology of plant nematodes of oak forests, other natural habitats and forest nurseries;

- Systematics of the families Longidoridae, Trichodoridae and Criconematidae;

- Nematodes from extreme habitats

- Systematics of the order Mononchida.


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