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Vulko Biserkov

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Personal information


Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
2 Yurii Gagarin Street
1113, Sofia

Curriculum vitae

Date and place of birth: 16 May 1959, Petrich


1982: MSc, Faculty of Biology, St Kliment Okhridski University of Sofia

1989: PhD, Central Laboratory of Helminthology, BAS; thesis: Helminths of Reptiles in Bulgaria


1982-1989: Biologist, Institute of Parasitology, BAS

1989-1995: Research fellow, Institute of Parasitology, BAS

1996-2013: Associate Professor, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, BAS

2013-present: Professor, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, BAS

2000-2007: Deputy Director of the CLGE-BAS

2008-2010: Director of CLGE-BAS

2010-2013: Director of IBER-BAS

Recent Projects:

2016-2017 Integrated management plan for SCI BG0000573 “Kaliakra Complex”, SPA BG0002051 "Kaliakra" and SPA BG0002097 “White Cliffs”. Funded by EMEPA – MOEW. Project Coordinator, Zoning and Restrictions

2014-2016 Management plan for Managed Reserve “Srebarna”. Funded by EMEPA – MOEW.
Project Coordinator, Protected Areas, Fauna, Natural habitats

2012-2015: COCONET - Towards COast to COast NETworks of marine protected areas (from the shore to the high and deep sea), coupled with sea-based wind energy potential. Funded by FP7 EC (FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IOF Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development, GA No. 287844); IBER-BAS, Principal investigator.

2011-2013: Re-introduction of Saker Falcon in Bulgaria. Funded by International Wildlife Consultants Ltd (UK); IBER-BAS, Principal investigator.

2011-2013: Mapping and Identification of the Conservation Status of Natural Habitats and Species - Phase I. Funded by MOEW-Operational Programme Environment; Consortium “Natura Bulgaria“;
Technical Director.

2009-2012: Marine section of designed gas pipeline “South Stream” in Bulgarian sector of the Black Sea in “feasibility study” (2009) and “design documentation” (2011-2012) stages in the preliminary research on the landfall site of the “South Stream” gas pipeline in the Pasha Dere locality. Funded by “Peter Gaz” LCC, IO-BAS & IBER-BAS, Team leader.

2011-2012: Extension of the ecological network Natura’2000 in the Bulgarian Black Sea to overcome insufficient coverage for sea habitats 1110 and 1170 and the species Alosa immaculatа, Tursiops truncatus and Phocoena phocoena and scientific reserve for habitat 1180 and T. truncatus according to the conclusions of the European topic center for biodiversity from the biogeographical seminar for the Black Sea, held on 15 June 2010, Brindisi, Funded by MOEW, IO-BAS & IBER-BAS, Team leader.

2007-2008: Optimizing of the National Ecological Network Natura'2000 and scientific base for its development; the project of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, assigned as a task by the Ministry of Environment and Waters; leader: Dr. V. Biserkov

2006-2008: Restoring ecological networks across transport corridors in Bulgaria - ALTERRA, Wageningen; funded by BBI MATRA (Holland); Bulgarian coordinator; ALTERRA

2004-2007: Elaboration of the Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria (Project 4036/2004); funded by the Ministry of Environment and Water; Editor of Volume III “Habitats”, Chief Editor of the electronic version of the Red Data Book (Plants, Fungi, Animals, Habitats)

2004: Identifying important herpetological areas (for tortoises and snakes) with European significance in Bulgaria for the purposes of Natura'2000; funded by MATRA/KNIP Programme, Netherlands, 2004; Team Lader

2003-2006: Biotopic distribution and communities of terrestrial small mammals in the region of the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve; funded by NSF (B 1316/03); leader


1996/1997; 1997/1998; 1998/1999: Course in Zoology, Agricultural Faculty, Slavic University, Sofia
1999/2000: Course in Zoology; Southwestern University, Blagoevgrad
1999/2000: Course in Biological Resources Conservation, Faculty of Biology, St. Kliment Okhridsky University of Sofia

Research interests

- remote sensing, GIS modelling, drone photogrammetry, satellite imagery

- zoology, ecology, biodiversity: amphibians, reptiles and mammals; structure of parasite communities

- parasitology: fauna, morphology and taxonomy of helminths of amphibians, reptiles and mammals

- genetics: caryosystematics of reptiles and micromammals


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