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Department of Aquatic Ecosystems

Research Priorities

  • Biology and ecology of surface water bodies;
  • Bioindication and biomonitoring of water bodies;
  • Methodology and practice of ecological classification and assessment of the human pressures and impacts on ecosystems of the surface waters;
  • Applied ecology and environmental impact assessments;
  • Biodiversity and protection of aquatic species and habitats;
  • Scientific and methodological support of the Integrated Water (Resources) Management.

Current Projects

  • 2008-2011: Assessment & Management of the invasion of zebra mussels from the genus Dreissena in water bodies of Bulgaria (NSF DO02-283/2008);
  • 2009-2012: Biological diversity of aquatic ecosystems in watlands of the flooding terrace of the Lower Danube in optimizing the ecosystem functions under conditions of climate changes (NSF, DO02-352/2009);
  • 2009-2012: DynaLearn – Engaging and informed tools for learning conceptual system knowledge (FP7 EC, GA 231526);
  • 2009–2012: UP-GRADE BS-SCENE - Up-Grade Black Sea Scientific Network (FP7 EC NFRA-2008-1.1.1, GA 22659);
  • 2010-2013: Environmental quality and pressures assessment across Europe: the LTER network as an integrated and shared system for ecosystem monitoring (EC Life+, LIFE08 ENV/IT 000399, EnvEurope).