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Division of Flora and Vegetation

Scientific background

The plant taxonomy and phylogeny are a priority direction of the Flora and Vegetation Division, where along with the classic methods of research, molecular methods (such as genome’s size, isoenzyme analysis, DNA markers) are becoming more reliable and credible. Part of the Division is the unique research group for the study of embryology of plant species.
Another major task of the Division is the development of syntaxonomic studies in Bulgaria in order to complete the inventory of the biodiversity of the natural and semi-natural vegetation in the country. To this should be added the study of the ecology and biology of specific plant species of endemic nature or of significance in the construction of plant communities.
The high scientific competence of the scientists in the division is sought and applied in various conservation activities, quality assessment of the natural environment, expert reports for specific plant species and natural habitats, as well as educational programs.

Major ongoing projects over the past five years:

2016-2018. Flora of the Republic of Bulgaria, vol. 12: Biodiversity in the family. Asteraceae, subfamily. Carduoideae and Cichorioideae. Funded by NSF. Leader: Prof.  S. Bancheva.
2016-2018: Protection of rare and endangered plant species in Bulgaria through the implementation of activities from established action plans. Funded by Enterprise for management of activities for environmental protection. Leader: Assist. Prof. S. Stoyanov.
2015-2017: Mapping and assessment of sparsely vegetaled land ecosystem services in Bulgaria SPA-EcoServices. Funded by FM of EEA. Leader: Assoc. Prof. A. Ganeva.
2015-2017: Assessment and mapping of Grassland Ecosystems condition and their services in Bulgaria. Funded by FM of EEA (project website). Leader: Prof.  I. Apostolova.
2014-2017: Floristic and taxonomic investigations of selected genera from the families Lamiaceae and Asteraceae in the border regions of Macedonia and Bulgaria. Funded by bilateral cooperation between Bulgaria and Macedonia. Leader: Prof. S. Bancheva.
2014-2016: Updating of the Management Plan of National Park Rila and elaboration of Management plan of Rilomanastirska gora Reserve. Funded by Operational Programme 'Environment'. Leader: Assoc. Prof. A. Ganeva.
2013-2015: Field studies on vascular plants, mosses and fungi. no. DIR 5113024-1-48 within procedure no. BG161PO005/11/3.0/03/24 “Field studies on the distribution of species/assessment of the status of species and habitats throughout the whole country – Phase I. Leader: Prof. S. Bancheva.
2012-2015: SIGNAL - European gradients of resilience in the face of climate extremes. Funded by BiodivERsA. Coordinator: Anke Jentsch. Participating countries: Germany, France, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey. Bulgarian coordinator: Dr Iva Apostolova.
2010-2014: A pilot network of small protected sites for plant species in Bulgaria using the plant micro-reserve model. Funded by European Programme Life+ (Life 08NAT/BG/279). Coordinator: Prof. D. Peev.

Research groups