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Boyan Zlatkov

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Personal information


Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
1 Tsar Osvoboditel blvd.
1000 Sofia

Research Gate:

Curriculum vitae

Born 17 May 1982 in Sofia, Bulgaria

• 2006 - 2011 Doctor of Entomology, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, thesis "Moths of family Tortricidae from Sandanski-Petrich valley"
• 2003 - 2005 Master of Entomology, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, thesis “Faunistical research of the butterflies and moths of the Macrolepidoptera group of Mesta valley”
• 1999 - 2003 Bachelor of Biology, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

Work experience:
• 2017 - present Chief Assistant at the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
• 2015 - 2017 curator of the Zoological Collection of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
• 2008 - 2015 biologist at the Department of Zoology and Anthropology of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

Entomological expeditions:
• Bulgaria: 2000 - present, regularly
• Balkan countries: 2007, 2010, 2015, 2022
• Georgia and Armenia: 2014
• Kazakhstan: 2016

• English very good
• German basic

• Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica

Research interests

taxonomy and faunistics of Tortricidae; functional morphology of genitalia of Lepidoptera; taxonomy, faunistics and conservation of butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera: Macrolepidoptera)


Zlatkov, B., Uzunov, D. 2024. Notes on distribution, habitats and biology of two little-known leafrollers in the Balkans (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Historia naturalis bulgarica 46 (3): 83–87.

Zlatkov, B., Sivilov, O. 2023. Two new steppe leafrollers (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) from Bulgaria with morphological notes. Historia naturalis bulgarica 45 (12): 309-316.

Zlatkov, B., Huemer, P. 2023. Eucosma subvittana (Staudinger 1892) stat. rev., a Mediterranean species resurrected by DNA barcodes and morphology (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae). Zootaxa 5361 (4): 451–462.

Tsvetanov, T., Zlatkov, B. 2023. Chrysoesthia sexguttella (Thunberg, 1794), a new species for Bulgaria (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae). Historia naturalis bulgarica 45 (10): 271–274.

Zlatkov, B., Vergilov, V., Pérez Santa-Rita, J.V., Baixeras, J. 2023. First 3-D reconstruction of copulation in Lepidoptera: interaction of genitalia in Tortrix viridana (Tortricidae). Frontiers in Zoology 20 (22).

Toshkova, N., Dimitrova, K., Langourov, M., Zlatkov, B., Bekchiev, R., Ljubomirov, T., Zielke, E., Angelova, R., Parvanova, R., Simeonov, T., Simov, N. 2023. Snacking during hibernation? Winter bat diet and prey availabilities, a case study from Iskar Gorge, Bulgaria. Historia naturalis bulgarica, 45 (5): 125-142.

Zlatkov, B., Vergilov, V., Sivilov, O., Perez Santa-Rita, J., Baixeras, J. 2022. New approaches for studying the functional anatomy of the phallus in Lepidoptera. Zoomorphology (2022).

Toshkova, N., Zlatkov, B., Fakirova, A., Zhelyazkova, V., Simov, N. 2022. First record of Psorergatoides Fain, 1959 (Acari, Cheyletoidea, Psorergatidae) for the Balkan Peninsula with description of the cutaneous lesions on the wing membrane of its hosts Myotis myotis (Borkhausen, 1797) and Myotis blythii (Tomes, 1857) (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae). Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e89514.

Tsvetanov, T., Zlatkov, B. 2022. Klimeschia transversella (Zeller, 1839), a new species for Bulgaria (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Douglasiidae). Historia naturalis bulgarica 44 (5): 37-40.

Zlatkov, B., Beshkov, S., Huemer, P. 2021. New Noctuoidea taxa from the Silver Coast of Bulgaria (Insecta: Lepidoptera). Ecologica Montenegrina 46: 98-119. DOI:

Sivilov, O., Soldati, F., Zlatkov, B. 2021. Three tenebrionid species (Insecta: Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) new to the Bulgarian fauna, with taxonomic comments. Acta zoologica bulgarica 73(1):51-57.

Nedyalkov, N., Vergilov, V., Zlatkov, B. 2021. Penis morphology of two European mole species (Soricomorpha, Talpidae). Biologia (2021).

Zlatkov, B., Sivilov, O. 2020. An addition of two Tortricidae species to the Bulgarian fauna with notes on genital morphology (Lepidoptera). Historia naturalis bulgarica 41: 103-108. DOI:

Zlatkov, B., Stefanov, S., Gashtarov, V., Vergilov, V. 2020. New records of Hierodula transcaucasica Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1878 (Mantodea) from Bulgaria. Historia naturalis bulgarica 41: 99-101.

Kovács, Z., Kovács, S., Zlatkov, B., Huemer, P. 2020. Phtheochroa carpatiana sp. nov. (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae), the Carpathian representative of the Phtheochroa frigidana species-group. Nota Lepidopterologica 43: 265-279. DOI:10.3897/nl.43.52581

Ruseva, S., Zlatkov, B., Zaemdzhikova, G. 2020. Mesophleps oxycedrella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in association with Juniperus excelsa (Cupressaceae) in Bulgaria. ZooNotes 160: 1-4.

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Tsvetanov, T., Zlatkov, B. 2019. Scythris sinensis (Felder & Rogenhofer, 1875), a new species for Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Scythrididae). ZooNotes 146: 1-2.

Todorov, I., Stojanova, A., Zlatkov, B., Hristov, G., Melika, G. 2019. New Data on the Parasitoid-Inquiline Community of Andricus quercustozae (Bosc, 1792) (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) in Bulgaria. Acta zoologca bulgarica 71 (2): 301-303.

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Sivilov, O., J. Atanassova, B. Zlatkov 2011. Food plant spectrum of Oedemeridae species (Insecta, Coleoptera) based on pollen analysis (a preliminary study). – Comptes rendus de l'Académie bulgare des Sciences 64 (2): 225-230.

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Zlatkov B. 2007. Butterflies and Moths (Macrolepidoptera: Lepidoptera: Insecta) of Mesta Valley in SW Bulgaria. – Historia naturalis bulgarica 18: 95-126.

Described taxa:
• Epinotia nigristriana Budashkin & Zlatkov, 2011
• Cydia transcaucasica Budashkin & Zlatkov, 2012
• Cydia suffuscana Zlatkov & Budashkin, 2012
• Cydia centralasiae elegantana Budashkin & Zlatkov, 2012
• Dichrorampha dinarica Huemer, Zlatkov & Baixeras, 2012
• Dichrorampha sakartvelana Zlatkov, 2016
• Phtheochroa apenninana Zlatkov & Huemer, 2017
• Phtheochroa alpinana Zlatkov & Huemer, 2017
• Phtheochroa cantabriana Zlatkov & Huemer, 2017
• Phtheochroa carpatiana Kovács, Kovács, Zlatkov & Huemer, 2020
• Eutelia adoratrix platinea Zlatkov, Beshkov & Huemer, 2021
• Lacanobia praedita canescens Zlatkov, Beshkov & Huemer, 2021
• Hadena adriana petergyulaii Zlatkov, Beshkov & Huemer, 2021


Animal Diversity and Resources
Biodiversity and Ecology of Invertebrates
Research group
Fauna, Taxonomy and Ecology of Invertebrates


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