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Detelina Belkinova

Personal information


Dr. Detelina Belkinova,
Associate professor of Botany (Taxonomy of plants),
Department of Plant and Fungal Diversity and Resources,
Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
23, Acad. G. Bonchev Str.,
1113 Sofia, BULGARIA
Alternative e-mail:

Curriculum vitae

Master Degree of Biology: 1981-1986 - University of Sofia ”St.Kliment Ohridski" Bulgaria
PhD of Botany: 1997-2001 - Plovdiv University “Paissij Hilendarski”, Bulgaria

Academic positions in the last five years:
Associate professor of Botany (Taxonomy of plants) - Plovdiv University “Paissij Hilendarski” (2005-2015);
Head of Department of Botany and Methods of Teaching in Biology - Plovdiv University “Paissij Hilendarski” (2010-2015);
Associate professor of Botany (Taxonomy of plants) - Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research (2015-2017).

Research interests

Main research: Botany
Subareas: Phycology, Taxonomy оf Green (Chlorophyta) and Blue-green algae (Cyanoprokaryota), Phytoplankton, Ecological status of the waters, WFD
Additional research areas and subareas:
Isolation of algae from natural material;
Cultivation of algae.


Selected scientific publications:
MLADENOV, R. & BELKINOVA, D. 1997. Variabilität von Scenedesmus acuminatus LAGERH.) CHOD. und Scenedesmus pectinatus MEYEN in Nährlösungen mit unterschiedlichem NaCl-Gehalt. Arch. Protistenkd, 147: 393-399.

BELKINOVA, D. & MLADENOV, R. 2000. Veränderlichkeit der Zellmorphologie bei einigen Scenedesmus-Arten der Untergattung Acutodesmus (Chlorophyta, Chlorococcales). Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. 131, Algological Studies 96: 79-88.

DZHAMBAZOV, B., MLADENOV, R., BELKINOVA, D. & HEGEWALD, E. 2001. Karyotype study of Scenedesmus regularis SVIR. and S. pectinatus MEYEN (Chlorophyta, Chlorococcales) in clonal cultures in vitro. Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. 137, Algological Studies 101: 121-128.

HEGEWALD, E., STOJKOVIĊ-TADIC, S., BELKINOVA, D. & MLADENOV, R. 2001. Scenedesmus regularis SVIR. (Chlorophyta, Chlorophyceae), its taxonomy and salt stress response. Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. 138, Algological Studies 102: 147-159.

BELKINOVA, D. & MLADENOV, R. 2002. Morphologische Veränderlichkeit bei klonalen Kulturen von Scenedesmus nygaardii HUB.-PEST. und Scenedesmus bernardii G.M. SMITH (Chlorophyta). Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. 142, Algological Studies 104: 123-138.

DHZAMBAZOV, B., BELKINOVA, D. & MLADENOV, R. 2002. Sind Scenedesmus obtusiusculus CHOD. und Scenedesmus obliquus (TURP.) KÜTZ. (Chlorophyta, Chlorococcales) verschiedene Arten? Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. 144, Algological Studies 106: 141-150.

DZHAMBAZOV, B., MLADENOV, R. & BELKINOVA, D. 2002. Scenedesmus nygaardii HUB.-PEST. und Scenedesmus bernardii G.M. SMITH (Chlorophyta, Chlorococcales) - zwei verschiedene Arten. Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. 144, Algological Studies 106: 131-139.

DHZAMBAZOV, B., BELKINOVA, D. & MLADENOV, R. 2003. Karyotypic analysis of two algae species Scenedesmus incrassatulus BOHL. and Scenedesmus antennatus BRÉB. (Chlorophyta, Chlorococcales). Hereditas 139: 35-40.

DZHAMBAZOV, B., MLADENOV, R., TENEVA, I. & BELKINOVA, D. 2006. Karyotypic Differences and Evolutionary Tendencies of Some Species from the Subgenus Obliquodesmus MLAD. of Genus Scenedesmus MEYEN (Chlorophyta, Chlorococcales). Journal of Genetics, Vol. 85, № 1: 39-44.

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CHESHMEDJIEV, S., BELKINOVA, D., MLADENOV, R., DIMITROVA-DYULGEROVA, I., GECHEVA, G. 2010. Phytoplankton Based Assessment of the Ecological Status and Ecological Potential of Lake Types in Bulgaria. Biotechnol. & Biotechnol. EQ, 24, Issue sup1: 14-25.

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TENEVA, I., BELKINOVA, D., DIMITROVA-DYULGEROVA, I., VLAKNOVA, M., MLADENOV, R. 2010. Composition and Toxic Potencial of Cyanoprokaryota in Vacha Dam (Bulgaria). Second Balkan Conference on Biology, 21-23 May 2010, Plovdiv, 50 Years University of Plovdiv. Biotechnol. & Biotechnol. EQ, 24, Issue sup1: 26-32.

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TENEVA, I., STOYANOV, P., BELKINOVA, D., DIMITROVA-DYULGEROVA, I., MLADENOV, R. & DZHAMBAZOV, B. 2012. Production of cyanobacterial toxins from two Nostoc species (Nostocales) and evaluation of their cytotoxicity in vitro. J. BioSci. Biotech., 1 (1): 33-43.

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Textbooks and Manuals:
BELKINOVA, D., GECHEVA, G., CHESHMEDJIEV, S., DIMITROVA-DYULGEROVA, I., MLADENOV, R., MARINOV, M., TENEVA, I., STOYANOV, P., IVANOV, P., MIHOV, S., PEHLIVANOV, L., VARADINOVA, E., KARAGYOZOVA, T., VASILEV, M., APOSTOLU, A., VELKOV, B., PAVLOVA, M. 2013. Biological Analysis and Ecological Status Assessment of Bulgarian Surface Water Surface Water Ecosystems. Univ. Press „P. Hilendarski“. 234 pp. ISBN 978-954-423-824-7

MLADENOV, R., CHESHMEDZHIEV, I., DIMITROVA-DYULGEROVA, I., BELKINOVA, D., TENEVA, I., RADUKOVA, TS. STOYANOV, P. 2017. Pharmaceutical Botany. Part II. Univ. Press „P. Hilendarski“. 387 pp. ISBN 978-619-202-241-9

Main Projects:
2006. „Technical assistance for Water Quality Management of Arda river“. Phare project CBS BG-GR 2003/005-630.05. Activity – phytoplankton expert.

2009-2010. „Development of a classification system for assessing the ecological status and ecological potential of the determined types of surface waters (rivers and lakes) on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria (on the basis of a system "B" typology)”. EU-funded projects under Operational Programme “Environment” 2007-2013, Priority Axis I. Activity - phytoplankton team leader.

2009-2010. „Determination of reference conditions and maximum ecological potential for the types of surface waters (rivers and lakes) on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria“. EU- funded projects under Operational Programme “Environment” 2007-2013, Priority Axis I. Activity - phytoplankton team leader.

2011-2013. “Investigation of Biological Quality Elements for /BQE/ and supporting physico-chemical elements of quality in selected potential reference sites of the types of rivers and lakes within the Black Sea River Basin District in order to verifying specified reference conditions". Grant numbers 175/19.07.2011 and 6-FS-01-06/06.07.2012. Activity - phytoplankton team leader.

2012-2013. “Development of a management plan for the Natural Park "Bulgarka”. DIR-593210-1-5. Operational Programme "Environment" (2007-2013), co-financed by the ERDF and the Cohesion Fund of the European Community. Activity – phycology expert.

2012-2014. ”Molecular approaches for rapid and quantitative detections of Cyanobacteria and their toxins from coastal Black Sea (MARCY)”. Fund “Scientific research” at the Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”, Plovdiv. Program BS-ERA-NET, co-funded by the 7th framework programme of the european union and the program „INTAS”. Activity – phycology expert.

2013-2016. „Intercalibration of the methods for analysis of biological quality elements (BQE) for the types of surface waters on the territory of Bulgaria, corresponding to common European types in the Geographical intercalibration groups”. Contract № 0-33-27/26.11.2013, Ministry of Environment and Water. Activity - phytoplankton team leader.

2013-2017. “Emergency measures for recovery and long-term conservation of the coastal lagoon Lake Atanasovsko”. "Salt of life", funded by ProgramaLIFE + on European Union. Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) and associated partners are Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) and Black sea saltworks. LIFE11 NAT/BG/000362. Activity - phytoplankton expert.

2015-2016. “Performance of investigative monitoring program for assessment of pressure and impact of fish farming activities on surface water bodies and actualization of program of measures in the RBMP of East Aegean River Basin District. (FISHFARMING).” Д-34-18/27.04.2015. Programme Operator BG 02.01 „Integrated management of marine and inland water resources”.
Activity - phytoplankton expert.

2016-2017. "Providing data for 2016-2017 years by biological monitoring of surface water in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Environment and Waters, outside activities financed by Ministry“. Contract № 3260/19.07.2016, Executive Environment Agency, Ministry of Environment and Water. Activity – phytoplankton expert.

2016-2021. "Apply the principles of polyphase taxonomy to taxa from Cyanobacteria (Cyanoprokaryota) with controversial or unclear taxonomic position. Phylogenetic kinship relations and evolutionary relationships”. Financing organization: Bulgarian National Science Fund. Research grant DN 01/2.

2020-2022. „Validation of the typology and classification system in Bulgaria for assessment the ecological status of surface water bodies of categories “river”, “lake” and “transitional waters”. World Bank Contract reference: 7195735.

22.2.2022 -31.07.2022. „Biological classification of surface water bodies of categories "river", "lake” and "transitional water” in Bulgaria as basis for assessment of ecological status and ecological potential within the Development of the 3rd RBMP“. World Bank Contract reference: 1279245. Activity - phytoplankton expert.


Plant and Fungal Diversity and Resources
Paleobotany and Palynology


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