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Rabia Soufi

снимка на Rabia Soufi

Personal information


Institute of Biodiversity & Ecosystem Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IBER-BAS)

2, Gagarin Street, 1113 Sofia, BULGARIA
Phones: +359 2 871 91 38 +359 2 871 71 95

Curriculum vitae

2003 – 2015 PhD degree in Ecology, Department of Bio-indication and ecological risk, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Bulgarian Acad. Sci.;
1986 - 1991 MSc degree of Zoology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.


2010 – present, Chief assistant at the Department of Water ecosystems, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Acad. Sci.;
2000 – 2010, Research fellow. Department of Bioindication and ecological risk, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Bulgarian Acad. Sci.;
1999 - 2000, Ecologist, Department of Bioindication and ecological risk, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Bulgarian Acad. Sci.;
1996 – 1999, Biologist, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Bulgarian Acad. 1995 – 1996, Junior Expert, Environmental Executive Agency (EEA), Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water.

Research interests

Freshwater/River Ecology, Bio-Indication & Water Quality Monitoring; Structure of benthic communities; Wetlands Conservation & Management; Methodology of the EU WFD 2000/60/EC for Ecological Status Assessment and Monitoring of fresh water bodies.



I. Monographic studies, books and chapters:

1. VARADINOVA, E., M. KERAKOVA, R. SOUFI, M. ALEKSANDROVA, S. STOICHEV, Y. VIDINOVA, V. TYUFEKCHIEVA, , Y. UZUNOV. 2013. Bottom invertebrate communities (the macrozoobenthos): Key biological quality element for ecological classification of the Mesta River basin. - In: (Y. UZUNOV, L. PEHLIVANOV, B. GEORGIEV, E. VARADINOVA (eds.). Mesta River: Biological quality elements & Ecological status, Professor Marin Drinov Academic Publishing house, 61-97, ISBN 978-954-322-689-4

II. Papers in scientific journals and proceedings:

1. E. Varadinova, M. Kerakova, R. Soufi, Y. Uzunov. Functional feeding groups of the macrozoobenthos as indicators of the ecological state of the riverine water bodies. Proc. 19th International Eco-Conference, 11th Eco-Conference on Environmental Protection of Urban and Suburban Settlements, 2015, ISSN:978-86-83177-49-3

2. Soufi, R., Varadinova, E., McGariggle, M., Kelly-Quinn, M. Comparison of the performance of a Quality Rating System in two contrasting ecoregions. Acta zoologica Bulgarica, 67, 4, 2015, ISSN:0324-0770, 529-540. pdf

3. Varadinova, E., Kerakova, M., Soufi, R., Ihtimanska, M., Uzunov, Y. Current Ecological State Assessment of Bulgarian part of the Trans-boundary Mesta River (South-West Bulgaria). БАН, 65, 3, Acta zoologica bulgarica, 2013, 327-335. pdf

4. Cheshmedjiev, S., Gecheva, G., Belkinova, D., Varadinova, E., Dimitrova-Dyulgerova, I., Mladenov, R., Soufi, R., Pavlova, M., Pehlivanov, L.. Assessment of ecological status and preliminary results on reference conditions in alpine glacial lakes (Bulgaria) - a contribution to the implementation of the water framework directive. Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment, 27, 1, 2013, ISSN:1310-2818, 3522-3528. pdf

5. Cheshmedjiev, S., Soufi, R., Vidinova, Y., Tyufekchieva, V., Yaneva, I., Uzunov, Y., Varadinova, E.. Multi-habitat sampling method for benthic macroinvertebrate communities in different river types in Bulgaria. Water Research and Management, 1, 3, 2011, 55-58. link

6. L. Pehlivanov, Y. Uzunov, S. Naumova, I. Yaneva, D. Parvanov, E. Varadinova, L. Kenderov, Y. Presolska, V. Tyufekchieva, A. Panova-Karadjhova, R. Soufi, A. Petrova. A Short Identification Guide on the Invertebrate Fauna (Macrozoobenthos) of the Bulgarian Rivers and Lakes. MEW, 2010, 134 pp.

7. VARADINOVA Е., R. SOUFI, M. KERAKOVA, Y.UZUNOV. 2010. Ecological State Assessment of the Transboundary Mesta River (South-West Bulgaria) – Hydrology Conference, 2010, The Changing Physical and Social Environment: Hydrologic Impacts and Feedbacks, October 11 - 13, 2010, San Diego, CA, USA.


Aquatic Ecosystems
Biological Diversity and Processes in Fresh Water Ecosystems
Research group
Lotic Ecosystems


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