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Iva Apostolova

снимка на Iva Apostolova

Personal information


Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia, Acad. G. Bonchev, blok 23, tel. +359 2 9793760,

Curriculum vitae

1975-1980 Mgr. Sofia Universty (Ecology)
1987-1990 Ph.D. Institute of Botany, BAS (ecology)

Membership of professional bodies:
International Association for Vegetation Science
European Vegetation Survey
European Dry Grassland Group

Key qualifications:
study of Bulgarian natural and seminatural vegetation
vegetation and habitat mapping
biodiversity monitoring
ecology of species and plant communities
management plans for protected areas and Natura 2000 sites

Professional experience of project work:
Assessment and mapping of GRASSLAND ecosystems condition and their services in Bulgaria (Contract Д-33-90/03.09.2015) (2015-2017)
Updating Central Balkan National Park Management Plan (2013-2014)
European gradients of resilience in the fase of climate extremes (Signal), ERA-NET BiodivERsa 2012-77 (2012-2015)
Conservation of biodiversity in hot spots with glacial relict plants in Bulgarian mountains (BG0034), EEA Grants (2009-2011)
Biology, ecology and control of alien invasive species in Bulgarian flora (2009-2012)
Red Data Book, vol 1 Plants and fungi (2009-2011)
Optimization of the Natura 2000 network in Bulgaria (2007-2009)
Important plant areas in Bulgaria, Plantlife international (2006-2008)
Inventory of the biodiversity of mountain and lowland wet grasslands (2005-2010)
Management plans for conservation rare plants Viola pumila and Fritillaria meleagroides in Bulgaria (2004-2006)
National Grassland Inventory Project (PINMATRA 2001/020) (2001-2004)
Developing Management Plans for Central Balkan and Rila National Parks (1997-2000)
Studying and mapping the biodiversity of high mountain pastures in Central Balkan National Park (1995-1996)
CORINE-biotopes Project in Bulgaria; selection of Bulgarian habitats, contribution to the Palearctic classification in respect to the Bulgarian habitats (1993-1997)
Developing National Biodiversity Strategy (1992-1994)

Research interests

vegetation classification, vegetation ecology, habitat and vegetation mapping, plant ecology, protected areas management


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Plant and Fungal Diversity and Resources
Flora and Vegetation
Research group
Vegetation and Habitats


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