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Laboratory of Marine Ecology, Sozopol

The Laboratory of Marine Ecology is based in the town of Sozopol just on the coast of the Black Sea. Recently, it possess a permanent staff of three persons. It is provided with upgraded equipment and renewed laboratory facilities necessary for carrying out investigations on the biodiversity and functioning of the coastal marine ecosystems.


Research Topics:
  • functional monitoring of marine coastal ecosystems and wetlands;
  • anthropogenic impact assessment;
  • development of scientifically based management approaches of marine coastal zone and of wetlands ecosystems.

Current Research Project

  • 2012- FP7 Coconet : setting up a network of Marine protected areas in the Black Sea region;classification of marine benthic habitats; evaluation MPA sensitivity to human activities;in-situ habitat mapping of infra- and circalittoral phyto- and zoobenthic communities of the Ropotamo Natura 2000 area
  • 2012- FP7 Perseus: evaluation of ecological status of coastal marine ecosystems following MSFD guidelines;current state and distribution of Zostera sea grass meadows along the S Bulgarian Black Sea coast; development of Zostera-based index for the evaluation of the ecological status and  the 'good environmental status' of coastal ecosystems
  • 2009-2012: Ecological status of the marine ecosystems along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and its impact on the structure and status of the seaweed communities (Cystoseira and Zostera). Funded by NSF (DO 02-218/2008). Partner: IMB-BAS. Leader: Dr G. Hiebaum
  • 2009–2012: UP-GRADE BS-SCENE - Upgrading the Black Sea Scientific Network. Funded by FP7 EC (FP7-NFRA-2008-1.1.1, GA 22659). Coordinator from IBER: Dr G. Hiebaum
  • 2009-2012: WETLANET - Enhancing research potential by strengthening a local network of laboratories for studying wetland ecosystems functioning, restoration and management; funded by FP7 EC (FP7 CSA – SUPPORT ACTION, GA 229802). Coordinator: Prof. DSc B. Georgiev
Person in charge:
Dr Ventzislav Karamfilov
Tel.: 871 71 95, ext. 102