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Palynological Collection

The Reference Palynological collection of the IBER-BAS contains 7,270 pollen slides of 232 recent plant families, and 2,811 species. The collection is basically composed of pollen from plants naturally distributed in Bulgaria, but there is considerable number of pollen slides from plants growing in subtropical and tropical areas.

The collection is used to identify source plants during the pollen analysis, e.g. when pollen analysis is applied for the reconstruction of the vegetation history throughout the Cenozoic, and estimation of climatic and anthropogenic influences on the development of floras.

The collection is used also as source reference information for pollen identification in surface sample and pollen traps, in air (aeropalynology), or honey (melissopalynology).

Address of collection:
23 Acad. G. Bonchev Street
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Prof. Dr Dimiter Ivanov, DSc