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Protozoological Collection

Protozoological Collection of IBEI-BAS was created at the beginning of the 20th century. It stores microscopic slides of the naked (Amoebida) and shell amoebae (Testate amoebae) of the Bulgarian zoologist Dr. Pavel Patev. It also contains microscopic slides of the famous Swiss zoologist Dr. Eugene Penar (Geneva). Dr. Patev's collection consists of 73 slides of naked amoebae (13 species) and 627 preparations of shell amoebae (105 species of 22 genera), and that of Dr. Penar contains 19 microscopic preparations of 19 species.

The collection also includes the collection of Acad. Vasil Golemanski, which contains about 250 permanent microscopic preparations of freshwater and interstitial shell amoebas, including about 15 type specimens. It was created in the period 1960-2000. During the period 1983-2018 the collection was enriched with the work collections of Dr. Milcho Todorov and Prof. Daniela Pilarska. Prof. Todorov's work collection includes about 700 permanent microscopic slides of freshwater, soil and interstitial shell amoebae (5 types). Prof. Pilarska's work collection contains about 500 permanent microscopic slides of unicellular parasites (mainly microsporidians) on insects.

In addition, the Protozoological collection also includes materials from the work collection of Dr. Ginka Groupcheva, created in the period 1965-2000. The materials of this collection are grouped by hosts and reservoirs. There is also a collection of about 100 permanent microscopic preparations of invertebrate gregarines, created by Dr. Dochka Dukhlinska in the period 1960-1985.

Currently, a total of about 3,200 permanent microscopic slides are stored in the IBER Protozoological collection, with type specimens of 20 species.

Address of collection:
IBER-BAS (Base 2)
1 Bul. Tsar Osvoboditel
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Assoc. Prof. Milcho Todorov, PhD