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Paleobotanical Collection

The Paleobotanical collection of IBER-BAS has been createn in the early 1960s. It contains more than 16,000 fossils from over 100 Bulgarian local paleofloras, aged from 55 million to 1.7 million.
The fossils are various plant organs or traces of them, most often leaves, inflorescences, fruits and seeds stored in different types of sedimentary rocks.

The Paleobotanical collection of IBER-BAS is visited annually by students of different ages. They become acquainted with the various ways of fossilization of plant organs, observing different types of fossils, and gain an idea of their importance for the reconstruction of ecosystems that existed millions of years before human appearance.

Address of Collection:
23 Acad. G. Bonchev Street
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Bozukov, Ph.D