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Fossil Mammals Collection

The collection of fossil mammals of IBER-BAS is a result of intense paleontological and archaeological research in Bulgaria, which began in the 1980s. Currently, the collection has over 50,000 determined bones of osmall mammals (orders Eulipotyphla, Chiroptera, Lagomorpha, and Rodentia). The materials cover the last 4 million years - Pliocene and Quaternary. Here are preserved materials from world-famous paleontological and archeological sites such as Dorkovo, Muselievo, Temnata Cave, Kozarnika Cave and others.

The collection contains holotypes of new species and subspecies. The materials in the collection were the basis of studies on the evolution of phylogenetic lines and are important benchmarks for biostratigraphy of Pliocene-Quaternary sediments. In recent years, some of the materials have been subjected to molecular paleogenetic studies. At present, the collection is being digitized and included into a database.

Address of collection:
IBER-BAS (Base 2)
1 Bul. Tsar Osvoboditel
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Prof. Vasil Popov, PhD